Sunday, November 14, 2010

USMC Emblem part 2 – saga continues…

Who would have thought that my USMC emblem story (see my Sept. 30 USMC Seal article) would have a sequel, or even a happy ending, if you wish… Yes, I have finally found a solution enabling me to offer my USMC emblem design commercially, on a wide variety of apparel, accessories, stationary and gifts. It turned out that CafePress, (a print-on-demand internet retailer, with which I had a few galleries since early 2009 but entirely neglected, being too busy with my “Military Insignia” project on Zazzle) – have a license with US Marine Corps. This gives their contributing artists an opportunity to design official USMC merchandise and offer it commercially via its USMC Fan Portal. As expected, designers are supposed to follow very strict guidelines as too what and how to design, and on what kind of USMC-approved products such designs would be available. Also, I was able to open a gallery with USMC-related designs with another POD retailer SpreadShirt.

Knowing that the USMC Seal, the design which I recreated initially, was off-limits because that particular insignia has been reserved exclusively for the US Marine Corps internal use, I had to create an alternative design of the emblem, allowed by USMC for commercial use. The major difference between the two would be the inscriptions. The official seal would have “Department of the Navy. United States Marine Corps” inscribed on a dark-blue collar. The USMC-approved emblem design would have “United States Marine Corps” inscribed on a black collar. Modifying inscriptions and collar was not such a big deal, and less than an hour later, my version of USMC-approved US Marine Corps Emblem was ready. The smaller version of the result of this epic saga can be seen here. It is commercially available on variety of high quality USMC-approved merchandise at the CafePress’ USMC Fan Portal in my C.7 Design Studio gallery here as well as in my CafePress USMC Insignia 3D storeCafePress Military Insignia 3D store, and   SpreadShirt "Military Insignia 3D" gallery here.


  1. Do you sell graphics? If so what format do you provide?

  2. Hi Tom,

    Normally, I do not sell my designs in a form of graphic files. They are available on a limited selection of products exclusively through my galleries on Zazzle and CafePress. However, in certain cases, I reserve a possibility of offering 2-year limited distribution rights on a case-by-case basis (any file format could be provided). If you have anything specific in mind, you may contact me via "Send message" option in any of my Zazzle galleries.

  3. How is CafePress going so far? I was thinking about maybe checking it out.

  4. Hi there,

    You mention above "...the USMC Seal, which I originally designed, was off-limits because that particular insignia has been reserved exclusively for the US Marine Corps internal use..."

    For the record, the Seal was designed by General Lemuel C. Shepard, Jr. in the 1950s.

    You might consider modifying your post... otherwise it appears you are attempting to take credit for Gen Shepard's design.

    Also, creating a '3D' version of an existing design, logo or seal does not constitute creating an 'original design' no matter what method you use. It is a 'modified design'.

    I hope these notes are helpful. Looks like you have a lot of fun with your emblem design and I applaud you allowing them to be used by non-profit groups, military family associations, etc.

    All the best to you and yours.

  5. @ GetzSolutions:

    Hello and thanks for the great constructive criticism. The wording was definitely off. I wasn't even born when the original USMC emblem was designed, so, credit goes where it's due - to General Lemuel C. Shepard, Jr. As to the term "original" when it comes to my designs - it is definitely a nonsense by definition; if you happen to notice such wording in any of my posts, please point it out - it would be much appreciated. I have corrected the post, just as you suggested. Thanks again! Cheers!

  6. Do you have the USMC Insignia assembled like you do on the link?


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