Tuesday, December 7, 2010

USMC Emblem – Part 3

The story of my “Military Insignia” USMC emblem was not quite over (see my previous posts). CafePress have decided that the emblem did not meet USMC guidelines for commercial use, and suspended my design from the marketplace. Of course, I was not convinced by explanations they gave me. I strongly suspected that there was certain misinterpretation of the USMC guidelines. After I have checked the CafePress marketplace, my suspicions grew stronger. The problem was that there were no USMC emblems available on the whole marketplace, none whatsoever. How could this be, that the most popular USMC design was not present on the USMC Fan Portal? The only reasonable explanation would be that guys at CafePress were mixing up the USMC Emblem with the USMC Seal, and as a result, were overly cautious by not allowing any of the circular USMC designs. (For the differences between the USMC Emblem and the USMC Seal see my previous articles on the topic).

Well, I wasn’t ready to give up at that point. I have decided to bring this up directly with USMC Trademark & Licensing Office. Long story short – my suspicions were confirmed at the highest level. I have received confirmation and approval for my design directly from USMC Trademark & Licensing. Furthermore, they volunteered to rectify the issue with CafePress. The very next day my design was re-instated on the CafePress marketplace. The CafePress team was also quite happy with the outcome. And why not? Finally, CafePress was able to offer the most popular USMC design.

To celebrate this final and exciting chapter of my USMC Emblem saga, I have come up with a couple of special edition designs, incorporating my authorized USMC Emblem design, smaller versions of which you can find on this page. It will be available on a limited selection of products on CafePress in my USMC Insignia 3D  and Military Insignia 3D stores.

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  1. Damn! I love that design brother! Very Cool.

    I find it funny that you got all this done and CP didn't.

    Bet they love you! Congrats


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