Saturday, November 27, 2010

DUIs and SSIs - active US Army Infantry Divisions

One more chapter of my “Military Insignia” project has been completed. This time around, I have taken on shoulder-sleeve insignias and distinctive unit insignias of all the active infantry divisions of the United States Army. I had to cover 18 active divisions in total, which resulted in 18 SSIs and 18 DUIs – 36 designs in total to work on. Those included two airborne divisions – 82nd Airborne and 101st Airborne, one mountain division – 10th Mountain light infantry division, two reserve training divisions – 95th and 100th, and 13 active infantry divisions, both of regular service as well as Army National Guard – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 25th, 28th, 29th, 34th, 35th, 36th, 38th, 40th and 42nd infantry divisions.
Working on this particular stage of the project, I noticed that when divisional shoulder-sleeve insignia was fairly well covered and represented in various paper and electronic publications, it was not quite the same story with distinctive unit insignias. Good descriptions, historical references and quality images of divisional DUIs were fairly scarce, and hard to find. Also, DUIs themselves turned out to be more complex and technically challenging from the designing prospective. The main challenge was to preserve DUI’s metal “badge” look and feel, at the same time highlighting modest and understated beauty of each piece. Another interesting observation was that divisions were mostly associated with and recognized by their shoulder-sleeve patches, when DUIs were far less recognizable or even known by anyone, other than those who actually had a chance to wear them. This is why an idea of showing DUIs and SSIs of each division side by side was so appealing to me.
As with all previous designs included in my “Military Insignia” project, I had to balance between my artistic inclinations and the need to maintain color schemes, precision and accuracy of each insignia. Working with heraldry, one cannot get too carried away, and there is no room for errors. The only areas where I am able to get creative working on my military insignias, are textures and multiple layers with layer effects.
As all the other “Military Insignia” designs, all the US Army Infantry divisions’ insignias are available exclusively in my Zazzle “Military Insignia” gallery on a number of selected products and gifts, which could be found here.
Since this is a work in progress, at some point I am planning to expand my “Infantry Divisions” collection, and include a number of insignias of certain historical deactivated infantry divisions, eventually covering all divisions that ever existed. However, this won’t not be my next project. The next step would be covering insignias of all the active US Army Infantry Brigades and Brigade Combat Teams (IBCT), which will eventually be displayed in this gallery. Stay tuned and visit often to catch all the new arrivals.


  1. I noticed these the other day in your store and I was blown away.

    I love how they are historically accurate, yet they still look modern and three dimensional.

    The 35th division patch is close to my heart, as my uncle was killed during WW2 while serving with that division.

    Great work brother!

    PS, the image above with all the different patches would look great on posters, mugs, etc.

    I hope you plan on posting it on products!

  2. Great great work!!!

    If I need your services for a special job? Is it possible.
    Secondly Can I ask for a higher resulotin of your US Military Insigna?

    Waiting for your reply.
    Imran Akhtar

  3. Serge,
    My name is Daryl Craft, my email is Please email me so I can email you directly regarding a couple questions. I think I am working on something you may like. BTW I'm a Former Grunt myself. Awesome work too..
    I would like to know too if I can use the insignia above on a project as well as I would really like to create an add for your site. Please email me so I can talk to you..
    Daryl Craft

  4. How can we obtain higher resolution images of these? I am an active duty operations officer and would like to use these in our briefings as part of our slide master. It would really make the briefings more visually appealing.

    1. You can contact me via my Blogger profile for details. Cheers.


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