Thursday, January 2, 2014

Naval Special Warfare Unit Ten

Naval Special Warfare (NSW), provides an effective means to apply counter-force in conjunction with national policy and objectives in peacetime and across the spectrum of hostilities from peacetime operations to limited war to general war. NSW Units, which are small command and control elements located outside the continental United States, support other NSW forces assigned to theater SOCs or components of naval task forces.

Naval Special Warfare Unit TEN (NSWU-10) is based at Naval Station Rota, Spain. Commanded by a NSW Commander (O5), it has three operational SDV Task Units and a headquarters element. SDVT-2 conducts operations throughout the US Atlantic, Southern, and European commands. Its mission is to provide tactical type training opportunities for NSW forces deployed aboard Sixth Fleet ships during slack periods while on routine deployments, so NSW forces can maintain perishable skills. NSWU-10 is responsible for all NSW exercises conducted in Spain. NSWU-10 is under the operational and administrative command of Naval Special Warfare Group TWO. NSWU-10 conducts close coordination with Special Operations Command, Europe.

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