Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mobile Communications Team 1 (MCT-1)

The Mobile Communications Team is an operational component of the communications- electronics departments of the Naval Special Warfare Groups ONE and TWO. They are responsible for: (1) Providing operational communications support to SEAL Teams, SEAL Delivery Vehicle Teams, and to Special Boat Squadrons for deployed fleet and joint units; (2) Organizing, training, and integrating new equipment and developing tactics to provide the highest quality Naval Special Warfare communications operations and support; (3) Preparing, implementing, and reviewing communications plans in coordination with higher authority, Naval Special Warfare Command components and other fleet and joint units.


  1. Serge,
    Have you ever worked on anything for the Multinational Force and Observer mission? It is another one of those unique missions out there. The Canadians, Australians, and Americans with other key partners have been working for peace since the Camp David Peace Accords.

    1. As far as I can remember, I did a few for MNF-I, and that's just about it at this point...

    2. Yep, I saw that and it looks great. Check out this link You can see more about the mission and its origin. If you are interested in doing some artwork for the mission, we can talk more about it via email. Thanks.

    3. Thanks for the info. Great mission, and somewhat under-appreciated. Have to admit - I didn't know much about it. Sure, I might consider it. Feel free to contact me via my Blogger profile...


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