Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Canadian Armed Forces Badge

[Edited on September 26, 2011] [At the time of this writing, the Canadian Department of National Defense have fully succeeded at their war on unauthorized use of Canadian military insignia in North America. As a result, all my Canadian designs have been removed from each and every POD, just as I predicted would eventually happen. Regretfully, this blog became the only place where my Canadian military insignia can be seen and enjoyed.

Some of the below insignia used to be available on a limited number of selected high quality products via my “Military Insignia” galleries on CafePress and SpreadShirt. Those of you, who were able to catch any of my products while they were still available, should rejoice. Now you own extremely rare limited editions of my Canadian military insignia designs. To those of you who did not - I apologize. Please, thank DND of Canada on my behalf, and check my military insignia designs of all the other countries in my Zazzle, CafePress and SpreadShirt galleries]. Below is the original post.

Description: The Canadian Forces (CF) (French: Forces canadiennes; FC), officially the Canadian Armed Forces (French: Forces armées canadiennes), are the unified armed forces of Canada. according to the National Defence Act: "The Canadian Forces are the armed forces of Her Majesty raised by Canada and consist of one Service called the Canadian Armed Forces." The CAF consist of three main branches: Maritime Command (MARCOM), Land Force Command (LFC), and Air Command (AIRCOM). At the pinnacle of the command structure is the Commander-in-Chief, who is the reigning Canadian monarch, Elizabeth II, represented by the Governor General.
The Canadian Armed Forces badge was approved in August, 1967, to represent the Canadian Forces. It combines symbols from the three services – Army, Navy and Air Force.

About C.7 “Canadian Armed Forces Badge” design: The complexity of this striking image was certainly a challenge, but the beauty of it was a true inspiration. As usually, I started by recreating a vector image of the badge in Adobe Illustrator CS4. After that, I used my unique multi-layer process in Adobe Photoshop CS4, layer by layer, element by element, detail by detail, giving the image it’s current look, feel and textures.
As with all “Military Insignia” series designs, my aim was to retain all the official colors and elements , at the same time applying realistic textures, and 3d-effects, brining life into the flat and plain two-dimensional image.
I had to play with multiple textures of gold, silk, precious gems and pearls for the crown. Various shades of gold were also applied to give dimensions and striking appearance to the eagle. The swords have received shiny steel blades. I also decided to give a vintage, weathered and somewhat corroded look to the anchor, and applied multiple textures to its components. And of course, as a final touch, I've used some nice enamels effects on the background platter and maple leaves.
As far as I remember, it took me a bit over two days to complete. The hi-resolution image at its 15”x20” looks truly astonishing. This was my first image in series of Canadian military insignia, and it made me fall in love with this impressive, meaningful and stunning Canadian military heraldry.


  1. Can you send me a vector version of the crest BEFORE you modified it? I want to cut it into wood and all the effects you do don't vector well and make it difficult. But your designs are very nice. Thanks.

  2. I am very curious about the legal action taken by the Canadian Armed Forces in pursuit of you for a copyright violation. How did they find out? Why did they care? How did they contact you? What action did they actually threaten? By what means?

    1. There was no legal action - just a request to remove all products with Canadian insignia from my galleries at several PODs. How did they found out? I guess I became too famous :) Why did they care is not quite clear, but I guess doing what I was doing was against certain rules and regulations. They never contacted me directly, went straight after the PODs' content management teams. I wasn't the only affected, though - many artists lost their work at the time. I complied, but clearly I wasn't happy with such turn of events, and let DND know about it. At that point DND offered a lengthy process of seeking approval with Command of each unit/formation on a case-by-case basis, but I simply did not have time for that, and gave up...


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