Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Royal Canadian Air Force Badge

[Edited on September 26, 2011] [At the time of this writing the Canadian Department of National Defense have fully succeeded at their war on unauthorized use of Canadian military insignia in North America. As a result, all my Canadian designs have been removed from each and every POD, just as I predicted would eventually happen. Regretfully, this blog became the only place where my Canadian military insignia can be seen and enjoyed.

Some of the below insignia used to be available on a limited number of selected high quality products via my “Military Insignia” galleries on CafePress and SpreadShirt. Those of you, who were able to catch any of my products while they were still available, should rejoice. Now you own extremely rare limited editions of my Canadian military insignia designs. To those of you who did not - I apologize. Please, thank DND of Canada on my behalf, and check my military insignia designs of all the other countries in my ZazzleCafePress and SpreadShirt galleries]. Below is the original post.

[Edited on Aug. 28, 2011] The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) was the air force of Canada from 1924 until 1968 when the three branches of the Canadian military were merged into the Canadian Forces Since 1975 it became known as Canadian Forces Air Command (AIRCOM). In 2011, Royal Canadian Air Force has gotten its historical name and its insignia back, along with the Royal Canadian Navy.

The badge of the RCAF was similar to that used by the RAF, the Royal Australian Air Force and the Royal New Zealand Air Force. It consists of the Imperial Crown, an "eagle volant", a circle inscribed with the RCAF's motto “Per ardua ad astra” (which is usually translated as "Through Adversity to the Stars"), and a scroll inscribed with "Royal Canadian Air Force".

At the time I was working on this image, the badge was considered obsolete in Canada, and it made working on it particularly interesting and important. One of the main goals of this project was to restore and preserve as many legacy military insignia as possible. Who would have known at that time, that this insignia will have a second life! hopefully this time it is here to stay.

A centerpiece of the design is a gold-colored eagle. I’ve used various textures of gold, copper and bronze to achieve a nice multi-layered three-dimensional look. here I had a perfect chance of experimenting with nice blue enamels and various silks for the scroll.

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